The future of wind energy in Europe – collaborative efforts to address industry challenges

Europe's wind power sector appears to be expanding, but the various challenges it encounters present SUDOCO with an opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future of energy.

With 19% of Europe’s total energy coming from wind power, the European Union reached a record-breaking milestone in 2023, generating 17 GW of new wind farm capacity, the highest ever installed in a single year, according to the latest WindEurope data. Yet, this is still not enough to reach the 30 GW per year required by the EU 2030 energy and climate security targets.

To address this gap, the EU Wind Power Package of 2023 advocates for the involvement of companies, investors, and initiatives like SUDOCO in fortifying the wind energy industry. Complementing this effort is the necessity for national intervention, exemplified by the European Wind Charter endorsed by 26 EU Energy Ministers. This charter strives to simplify regulatory procedures, refine the auction framework for wind farm construction, and provide public financial assistance to the sector.

These comprehensive measures could help the construction of 23 GW per year of new wind in the period 2024-2028, as predicted by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

With the winds of innovation blowing for Europe, SUDOCO will make an important contribution, implementing the European Wind Charter and helping to unleash the true potential of European wind energy.


Image credit: Alexander Kuhn, Pixabay