Global Wind Day: join the #EUWindOfChange campaign and celebrate wind energy with SUDOCO

Join us in spreading the wind of change! Be part of our social media campaign #EUWindOfChange, showcasing the pivotal role of Wind Energy in shaping Europe's sustainable future.

On June 15th, SUDOCO will celebrate Global Wind Day with a joint social media campaign entitled #EUWindOfChange, in collaboration with MERIDIONAL and TAILWIND. The campaign will focus on the European Wind Charter, which was approved last December in Bruxelles.

The European Wind Charter is an initiative aimed at promoting the development and integration of wind energy across Europe. It outlines key principles and commitments to enhance the adoption of wind power, emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and cooperation among European nations.

As part of the #EUWindOfChange campaign, SUDOCO will produce and share short videos showcasing the essential role of wind energy in Europe’s energy transition and security. These videos will emphasize SUDOCO‘s active contribution to achieve these critical objectives.

SUDOCO is a project funded by the European Union. Its main objective is to set up the Control Room of the Future, an innovative open-source, data-driven platform to optimize offshore wind farm output in real-time while considering diverse inputs and conditions.

You can be part of the #EUWindOfChange campaign: record your video on wind energy and share it on social media using our official hashtag #EUWindOfChange.


Image credit: Abby Anaday, Unsplash