A visual journey into the Control Room of the Future

Discover how SUDOCO will harness the power of offshore wind farms through the new project video.

SUDOCO embarks on the puzzle-like challenge of harnessing wind power into an open-source, data-driven control platform. To untangle such a complex matter, SUDOCO’s presentation video explores how data mining and machine learning enable real-time measurements of turbine performance. This leads to more effective operational control, an increase in energy production, and a reduction of structural stress.

The video shows the project’s commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, targeting a 10% reduction in the Cost of Valued Energy metric and optimising the entire wind farm system to decrease lifetime CO2-equivalent emissions by 20%.

“The project is growing quickly”, says Jan-Willem van Wingerden, SUDOCO coordinator, “and so is our enthusiasm to share our research and developments. This short presentation video is intended for a wide audience, including colleagues, experts, and non-experts, aiming to ignite the same passion for advancing wind energy that drives us at SUDOCO.”

Watch the video here.


Image credit: Nicholas Doherty, Unsplash